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Forget your To-Do list... Make it a Ta-Daa list and pursue your dreams!

Why pursuing what we dream about is so important? How just thinking about those things makes us tick! Where do our dreams, our passion, all the things we want to have and experience actually stem from?

Your Soul wants to experience certain unique, individual things, circumstances and happenings in this life of yours. And your Soul, your core Energy also wants to express itself in a certain, individual way. So what you truly desire, no matter how unattainable it might seem to you at the moment or what other people think about it, is what your Soul, the most inner you, is whispering: "This is what you are capable of. This is what I want us to have and experience! Let's go for it! Together we can do it!"

So how does it work? How to make your Ta-Daa list and pursue your dreams?

It starts with an intention, an intention to make your desires and dreams come true. Ta-Daa list all your dreams and desires but start with choosing just one goal. We need to concentrate on one thing at a time, to focus our attention and energy to that one thing. Otherwise you are spreading your focus and energy all over the place and it will just not bring you the results you want; it will only bring you more of a chaos which will lead to failure and finally you will give up thinking that "It just wasn't meant for me". And that is never true.

You decide what you want and create that result in your life. There is no predestined destiny, we create our destiny with our intentions, choices and actions. When you have chosen your goal and set your intention it's time to take action; the next available and possible step towards it. Big or small, makes no difference as long as you take ANY action related to your intention. Every step will rise your energetic vibration closer to match the energetic vibration of what you want to have in your life and will take you one step closer to making your dream become reality.

One great guideline is: if you are not already having or experiencing what you dream of or desire in your life, you evidently have not been taking the kind of action that will create the outcome you want, so do the OPPOSITE of what you have done, what you normally do, how you do things!

Sounds uncomfortable, even a bit scary? Actually that's a good sign. It should! Because you are about to do things in a way you are not used to, that are not familiar to you. But the thing is that we get stuck in thinking, seeing and doing things in a certain way, the way we are used to. It's also called our comfort zone. And if "the way we are used to" does not give us the results we want, we need to start thinking, seeing and doing things differently. Otherwise you will continue to have and experience exactly the same things and circumstances in your life that you are having and experiencing at the moment, as when your actions stay unchanged so will your life. The opposite way of doing things is a very good way to pursue your dreams as it will make you see and experience life from a different angle and so open your eyes for new ideas and possibilities.

You are not going to be alone, your Soul level Energy is there for you all the way; not just holding your hand or giving you ideas what to do next - but also cheering every effort, step and success you make towards what you want.

Your intuition is your Soul's voice, so remember to listen to the best backer, cheerer, leader and guide you can ever have. Because it really wants to achieve these goals of yours - as it is the most true, inner you.

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