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The single most important Empowerment Factor in your life

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could do what we truly are excellent at as our work. Make enough money, have enough freedom of time to do other things equally important for us: travel, be with the people we love, relax, and so on! Often what we are excellent at can actually involve one of our hobbies or something we just do everyday or the way we do those everyday things - not even recognizing that we could do those things as our work...

Impossible, just daydreaming or extremely difficult? Actually not. But yes, there is a catch, and the catch is to know and recognize WHAT to do and HOW to do it; what kind of career to pursue, what kind of work to go for or what kind of business to start - to be able to be, do and have all that.

Our work; what we do for our living, how we earn our money is actually the single most important Empowerment Factor in our lives. And that's because our world operates on money. And so we need to exchange our Energy to get money. Money is our Energy exchange tool: we get paid for the work we do, the work that we put our Energy into.

Having money is a necessity in our world. We need money to be able to experience and express ourselves - to be, have and do what we desire. We need money to be able to choose freely how, what, where and when we want to express ourselves and experience this life. In our own terms.

The quest for our dream work starts in school (and I 100 % agree with Sir Richard Branson's opinion that we would learn so much more about the world and ourselves rather travelling the world than sitting in school)... and unfortunately so often ends up with having a job we are - well - basically just settling for. We feel we need to be grateful for at least having a job - maybe not quite or even close what we had thought of - but at least we have one and it pays our bills.

And that's okay, that's fine and that's wise because we all have responsibilities: we need to take care of our basic needs, which do bring us bills to pay. That's okay, fine and wise as long as you still keep on striving what you really want, as long as you don't allow your settling to take hold of you and let it be your permanent, stagnant state.

Another challenge we face is that we THINK we know what we are excellent at and how we can earn a great living. But. We need to be very careful that we don't fall into the trap of ”generally wanted and admired careers and jobs” or "generally known as high-paying jobs", which most probably are not what YOU really want to do, or the right kind of work for YOU, because they so often are what we are conditioned to believe to be what we should want. These ”generally wanted and admired careers or jobs” seem to promise us money, approval and respect.

But the problem is that we are seeking for all that exactly the wrong way. We kind of seek for what we want from outside of ourselves, through others views or the public eye. When what we really should do is turn to our inner self and find out first what our strengths and talents are and THEN start implementing them to the line of work we’d truly love to do. That's the only way you can never go wrong. That's the only way to know how a job can provide you what ever it is you really want.

The thing is that you can choose anything you want for your job, business or career. And you can be successful in that career, business or job as long as you express and use your inherent talents and strengths doing that work: your what-to-do's and how-to-do-them's, which can be found in our Energy, our Soul level information. Because that's what you are inherently excellent at. That's what you are built to do: it's part of your purpose and it most certainly is your real success factor.

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