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It's never too soon (or too late) to step into power over your life!

Expressing who we truly are, expressing our core Energy, is the only way we can live this life of ours in a happy, abundant and fulfilling way.

And it's never too soon or too late to step into your Power, to start using the Energy you are made of and learn to make the choices that will make all the difference in your life.

Children adopt so many things extremely easily from their environment: what they should become, how should they look like, how should they talk etc. In other words what is generally accepted, desirable and so defined by other people and society - because they are naturally in a learning and absorbing mode.

And that's where the problems, the insecurities: lack of self confidence and self knowledge, starts to develop. From the false belief of a need to live by other's expectations and not experiencing who I really am; what am I good at, what is my unique way of expressing myself, how I am built to do things in my individual way - how am I unique.

We can start supporting our children already from an early age to envision and express who they truly are: knowing the core Energy they are made of.

In practice this means supporting our children's inherent skills and allowing them to learn how to walk through this life in their own unique way. And no. I don't mean that there shouldn't be any rules or boundaries, but the rules and boundaries can always be set in a way for the child to more easily understand and respect them. The rules and boundaries can be set to be equivalent to your child's inherent, unique way to do things, which is held in your child's core Energy. And boy, does it make our everyday life a heck of a lot easier for the whole family...

You know, when we are children we actually are much more in touch with our intuition and our Energy as we tend to loose this connection when we grow up and give in to the general rules and expectations of others and society, even though unintentionally. And that actually is where most of the conflicts with our children come from. We want our child to do certain things, to act certain way in our own or generally expected way, and our child starts to protest against our rules and guidance.

A big part of this protesting is that the child is unconsciously trying to hold on to the ways that he feels he needs to be and do things, although he is not yet able to rationalize it. So let's try to listen very carefully what could be behind that small protester: can we hear and see the big Energy trying to express itself through the small person and difficult behavior?

An other reason for children acting out is that they are kind of updating how much at choice they are at that point, which also has everything to do with their individual, unique Energy. Our energy defines our individual need to start participating - to an extent - in choices concerning ourselves. Some children's energy is also all about relationships, which can lead trying to get attention at any price. Good or bad, it's still attention!

As with so many of our choices... when you are encountering challenges with your child, just try the opposite way of how you communicate and see if that makes all the difference.

If you want to learn how to support your child in an empowering way, you also can have the I Am My Energy or Empowered Me Sessions for you child as a parent or guardian to have exact knowledge of your child's gifts and talents and how he is built to do things, i.e. how to communicate with your child in a way that makes sense to him.

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