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The contributory causes for our health issues can be found from our Soul Level information

Is achieving perfect, vital health possible? Is it possible to overcome chronic diseases?

Western medicine approaches our health problems with a band-aid; it treats the symptoms because it really doesn't know where the diseases we experience originate from and so how could it treat or remove the real underlying cause of the disease?

It has been scientifically proven that genetics hold the answer to many of our diseases, especially chronic ones. And yes, I agree 100%, but only because our genes interact with our Soul's Energy template and so reflect the quantity and quality of Life Force Energy we are receiving.

When the energy that keeps us alive, the Life Force Energy, is blocked or low we get ill. If it is blocked or low for a long period of time, we get chronically ill. All diseases: physical, emotional or psychological are rooted in the loss of access to Life Force Energy.


Life Force Energy is the energy that naturally flows through all living things. It is the life in us, it's what keeps us alive by giving the energy for our heart to pump, our immune and endocrine system to work as well as our brain to function.

It is not the same energy as our individual Soul level Energy, the energy that we are inherently abundant in and which defines our gifts and talents, our success and happiness factors in everything we do. But they do work together, hand in hand.


Disease is not something that just for some reason happens to us; it's not part of our destiny, it's not a lesson nor a punishment. It's something we create for ourselves accidentally and unintentionally with our choices, choices that do not represent who we truly are, choices which are incompatible with our true nature. They are choices made for the wrong reasons like fear, obligation, sacrifice, "good girl syndrome", to fit in, filling others expectations, and so on...

By making choices and taking related action for the wrong reasons you create separation to who you truly are, separation to your individual Soul level energy, the most inner you. It's like walking through your life in shoes which are one size too small: first you feel how the shoes rub, then you get bad blisters and eventually serious health problems.

Your individual Energy is like an adapter that modifies the Life Force Energy suitable for your being. In practice, it's like your Energy is your unique form of Life Force energy modified individually for you.

When you get a bad wound, it will eventually leave scar tissue on your skin. The same way you get "wounds and scars" on your ability to receive Life Force Energy when you make choices and act against your true nature, your Energy, and so the scars create a blockage to the flow of the Life Force Energy. The more blockages, the less Life Force Energy you receive and the more problems you may encounter with your health - as well as with other areas of your life.


By believing that both the disease and the cure for it have absolutely nothing to do with us, we give our power away. We believe that diseases just happen to us and someone or something can or should fix us.

Being powerful creators of our own experiences in this life with our free will and ability to make choices, we also create or co-create all our experiences of both health and illness - although unconsciously or accidentally.

When we recover from any illness, whether it's just a flue or even a sever cancer, we are using the Life Force Energy in us to repair and restore ourselves.

Each one of us receives Life Force energy in our own, unique and individual way, which of course means that each of us needs to restore our Life Force Energy in our individual way with the help and wisdom of our Soul level information, our Energy - the adapter.

Our Soul level information, which our Energy represents, can tell us where, when and why we have caused or co-created the illness, the root cause for it and how we can repeal it with new choices and action.


If health issues can be resolved at the Soul level, with our core Energy, what do we need doctors and specialists for? Well, you do need to treat the symptoms to be able to heal yourself. Restoring your Life Force Energy does take both discipline and effort and we all know that if we suffer from pain, if we are feeling sick, very tired or depressed, we are not up to or have the strength to concentrate on new choices that demand action.

This is also why my services and advice are never meant to replace any medical advice. You need the physical shift to have a mental shift and then you can start the Energy shift.

So always consult your doctor first when you have any issues with your health.


The internet is full of information about super foods, life style diets etc. and advises of what is good and what is bad for our health. Some of them might have helped you and some of them might just been waste of your money and time.

The good thing about trying them is that you are taking charge of your own health. You are consciously choosing to make a change. New choice, new action will inevitably bring new results at least up to a certain point.

I am also a Reiki Master and a big fan of Energy Healing. With a but. The but is that I know that I am not able to fully heal or "fix" anyone with Reiki. My part as a Reiki healer is to empower my clients to do your their own healing work. I can't "fix" them, only they can. Energy healing can give us a temporary shift of energy but the actual healing is ALWAYS done by you.

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