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If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy

If something really makes me flip, it's a messy home.

My daughter is now 16. She has always been one of those personalities who when entering the house, drops all her outerwear one by one on the way to her room upstairs. She doesn't do it intentionally, it's more of an unconscious than conscious act. She is a very creative, artistic and overall quite messy person, like many teenagers tend to be, (and yes, that includes some laziness too...) and the messy part truly is a problem for me.

Me and my daughter actually have a lot of similar Energy, but the way we experience and express it differs because we all do experience and express our Energy in our individual ways.

You might think now: "Oh, she seems to be a bit of a nitpicker... isn't there more important things in life than tidiness...". Well, in a way yes. But. There are some very good reasons why I just can't stand or tolerate mess in our home.

I'm very sensitive to all kinds of Energy, it's part of my intuitiveness. The energy of mess (which equals the energy of chaos to me) really has an impact on my well being: it makes me physically and mentally tired, quite peevish or cranky and I experience concentration difficulties.

I'm not a compulsive cleaner at all, I may skip one or two cleaning days if I'm busy for ex. with my sessions or inspired to write. So that is not the case. One of the reasons why I do demand (and flip when I'm not being heard) my children to obey our basic house rules, including "Mess does not live here, if you bump into it, send it on it's way!" is that I believe it is very important for them to learn how the law of Karma or the Law of Attraction works: how your choice will create a corresponding consequence. My kids get consequences if they don't obey our house rules in addition to the obvious outcome that they will witness how ill and cranky I feel. Learning the Laws of Karma and Attraction, how your choice will always create a consequence which reflects your choice, will help them to master their lives when they grow up and show them how THEY are in charge and responsible of what they experience and create in their lives.

Being a mother, "a good mother" or a parent does not mean that we are to sacrifice our own needs, wants or well being for our children's sake. Never. That would be a statement packed with negativity. It would be putting our needs aside and letting ourselves - and therefore also our children - down. We would not honor ourselves but let our children walk all over us - and that would be a very bad and disempowering example for our children to learn from.

My Energy vibration, how I feel, is what has the biggest impact on the energetic atmosphere of our home. I am a single mother and energetically both responsible and in charge of our home's atmosphere, as my Energy is the main energy which affects our family and it's well being.

I do in a way understand parents who want to give their children what is called a free upbringing - but only in a sense that it is important to cherish, support and respect our children's uniqueness and individuality and not suffocate it by demanding them to give in to general expectations or common consciousness by not allowing them to express their individuality.

But I do believe that the most empowering combination is to teach our children how to use the Law of Karma or Attraction by setting boundaries, explaining them what consequences breaking them will bring and why, be consistent AND encourage them to express and experience themselves as who they truly are, their individuality. There actually is no conflict between the two.

Our children never wants us to sacrifice ourselves, our dreams or our well being for them, it's us. It's our irrational fear of imperfection, not fulfilling the general image and opinion of "a good parent" - as well as a fear of giving feelings of disappointment to your children.

Teach your children what to do for themselves, how to treat themselves with your example and help them become empowered, successful, happy human beings.

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