• Riitta

Gay, bi, hetero, transgender... all human interpretations of the color of your Soul!

In this physical world of ours we interpret gender and sexuality in a very black and white manner. But the Universe does not compartmentalize. All life forms contain the two main elements of gender: feminine and masculine, including all the different forms in which they can manifest.

Masculinity and femininity are energies that exist within each and every one of us. Every male has its own unique female energy element and every female has its own unique male energy element. You most probably know at least one male who loves to do the "womanly stuff" in his life: take care of the home and children rather than build a career or have "manly" hobbies. And you most probably know at least one female who is very career orientated and prefers someone else taking care of the home and children - and she might prefer spending time with her male friends, feeling more cosy with them than her female friends. This is very normal and does not indicate that these people are "secretly homosexuals". They are merely respecting and following their Soul's need to experience both their male and female Energies.

Our Souls, which our core Energy represents, defines who we are: our true gifts and talents and what our Soul wants to express and experience in this lifetime - including the both elements of gender as well as our sexuality.

Some of us are here to experience more of the other main gender, which is not the gender they were physically born with, in different ways. And we need to respect that without judgment. We all have the individual right to create our own beingness by expressing ourselves with our free will and choices. Judgments are human (society) inventions; a way to compare, contrast and control as we judge against artificial standards of perfection, morality and truth.

Your gender or/and sexual identity is not just in your genes. It's what your Soul wants to experience in this lifetime, it's the Energy you are made of. And that's why when you may be confronted about it, told that you should just stop it, all you can honestly say is that this is the way I am.

The reason why genetic researchers are interested in this issue is that human mind always wants a logical reason for why something exists... but genetics actually is the interaction of the Soul's Energy Template.

Be true to yourself, be who you truly are because your uniqueness plays an important role in this world. When you follow what your Soul wants to express via your unique Energy, you can't go wrong. Show up, fearlessly!

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