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The Future of Business

We need to somewhat change our perception of efficient, successful business planning and marketing,

because just trying to target a certain market or niche is not sufficient to build a successful business.

It's basically trying to figure out how to lead a group of people by trying to convince them

to make decisions and act in a certain way, to buy our product or service. 

Many of us work so hard hoping it all will pay off one day.

We tend to seek for solutions outside of ourselves when they only can be found within.

The prerequisite for personal success has been ran over by the false idea of

success being created by external tools and people, when success is always created from inside:

of who we truly are and what we uniquely have to offer,

as well as how we are inherently built to do everything in our own, unique and individual way.

There is a huge difference between ‘having a business purpose’ and ‘being a purposeful business’.

A purposeful business is built with a Purposeful strategic starting point, a product differentiator

and an attractor of clients or customers.

A Purposeful Business sees the sales of products and services as a form of true self expression

and also ensures a great value for the buyers.

A purposeful business stands for much more than creating great products and so serving the world,

as it also stands for your authentic self-expression, who you are in the most inner part of you, what you were created to do - ensuring your success and happiness.


We have our own unique strengths and talents, which actually are what we should be offering:

they are our contribution to the world also through our business, our products, services and marketing.

I believe we all can agree that success is always created by what we are excellent in.

We all have our unique talents and strengths which we need to express via our business.

We need to do everything in our business by expressing who we truly are

and stay on our Purpose by expressing our own strengths - and not trying to imitate anyone else.

Success is always about creating and using our own original innovations, our own strategies, models and techniques.

And that is also why other people’s business models, sales techniques and visions

(which have been “proven to work and generate a fortune for you”)

will not work for most of us.

If they would, don't you think that we'd all be millionaires by now...

Very few people actually know their success factors, their inner gifts and talents or what their Purpose is.

This information is held in our Energy.

I strongly believe the time is right for us to start understanding ourselves, our businesses and careers

in more profound and deeper way.

And yes, having a successful business does require effort and discipline…

but running our business utilizing our individual Energy is never “hard work”.

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I have a limited number of places available for my 2 month coaching program Me Powered Business.

This coaching program is always personalized to meet your unique needs, passions and business in alignment with your individual Energy, your inherent strengths and talents. We create a step-by-step plan for you, based on your Energy, for you to either build or grow you business.

This 2 month coaching program covers everything you need to know to either transition from your day job to creating a full time business you love, or up level your existing business to a whole new level.

We will go through where in your business Energy may be stuck, is not flowing or can be increased - in other words where a lack of financial flow exists and how you can increase it via the individual components of your existing or intended business.


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2 month coaching program Me Powered Business

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