Make Change Happen



Know how you are individually built to take practical action to reach your goals.

Connect to your what - and - how - to - do's, your toolkit of success.


This session is a deeper introduction to your Energy. You will learn what your inherent, individual gifts and talents are, and which practical action steps will take you to what ever it is you want to create in your life. Empowered Me session is created around your certain intention of what you want to change or create in your life and how you can master your choice making process to reach that goal.

Empowered Me is an intuitive session to unlock our potential utilizing the information of how we are individually designed to create what we want into our lives: how we are individually built to take practical action to reach our goals. This information is held in our Energy.

Our 60 min. session will be held via free web conference call. It will be recorded and sent to you after our time together.

Life changing!

So many things in my life now make total sense!

Better than therapy!

Very practical, down-to-earth approach. My life has hugely changed for the better!

With the individual action plan based on my Energy

I created both a romantic relationship and the study place I've always wanted.