I Am My Energy is an intuitive session to unlock our potential utilizing the information of our inherent, individual gifts and talents held in our Energy.


Our Energy enables us to know:

  • How we can master our choice making process by knowing what we are inherently gifted in, and so which choices will give positive (and which negative) results individually for each of us.​

  • How we can take the information of our inherent gifts and talents in use in a very practical way to create more of what we want in our lives - whether it's, for example, financial freedom, new relationship or better health we are striving for.​

Your inherent gifts and talents are what I call your what-to-do's: the things you are inherently excellent at, your success factors.



​You will set an intention of what you want to change or create in your life within the next 6 months.

We will go through your what-to-do's, i.e. your inherent gifts and talents, the ways you are built to go for what you want as well as your challenges and how to break through them.

We will make a very down-to-earth, practical plan for you of how to achieve your goal within the next 6 months.

Our session will be held via free web conference call. It will be recorded and sent to you after our time together.

My role is to read your Energy, to show you what you are excellent at and how you can use your Energy to change your life - that’s my expertise. Your role is to be the expert in your life; what it is that you want to be, do or have.

I will never tell you exactly where to go or what to want. That would be interfering in your free will, your right to choose what ever your want to experience in your life.

I will look at how the different parts of your life operate energetically and turn them into practical terms for you to utilize. But you still need to do the work cause that’s what you need to do to empower yourself; to really get to know and experience your Energy, your Power to create what you want in your life. That is something I can’t do for you.

I will not interfere with your free will, which means that I will give you the tools needed, show you the direction to take and send you on your way towards your ideal life. But I cannot tell you exactly which choices you should make out of all the limitless possibilities that are available for you. By doing that I would lead you to a certain outcome and the choice would be mine, not yours.


I’ll contact you via email approximately 4 weeks after our session to see how you are doing with implementing the new knowledge in your life to reach your desires - and give you support to course correct where needed.

I Am My Energy session is not about just getting information of your Energy, what you are inherently excellent at, but gaining very grounded and practical information of how you implement your gifts and talents into your life: how to live and re-create your life by experiencing and expressing yourself in a whole new level.

I Am My Energy session will:

  • Give you the understanding of what your true gifts and talents are - as well as how you can take them in use in your life to reach your goals.

  • Allow you to save time and struggle by knowing what you are inherently excellent at and how to implement your gifts and talents in any area of your life to start re-creating your life to be what you want it to be.

  • Enable you to know and experience yourself in a deeper level: what your Purpose is and what purposeful living looks like in your life.

4 week coaching program


Understand yourself and the reasons why you are experiencing unwanted situations in your life at the moment.

Breakthrough the things that are holding you back and create an action plan to get the results you desire.

Know how you are built to strive for what you want into your life – successfully.

Have my ongoing support on your way towards what you desire.


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Your personal information and all our emails, conversations etc. are always kept 100 % confidential. 

None of it is published, given, sold or rented to any third party without your written permission.

Your privacy is always my number one priority. 

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Your investment for this coaching session is 300 euros.

4 Week Coaching Program


You decide what it is that you want to have in your life. I will walk that path with you for 4 weeks giving you practical knowledge of what to do and how. We will keep weekly track on your results and ensure that you'll know exactly what to do to get you where you want to be.

Getting to know my Energy, my gifts and talents, opened my eyes to see

how to live a meaningful life!